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Connect to Your Power

4 - 12 Sessions 

Individual OR Group Sessions 

Ages: 14-17

Connect to Your Power is designed for youth that are struggling to make healthy choices. Partnering with the horse throughout this program allows for an opportunity for participants to create a connection with a 1200 lb. teacher which can be an extremely empowering experience.  


This experiential learning experience cannot be delivered in traditional learning environments. EAL serves as an effective educational tool to develop empathy and kindness as well as improve self-esteem, reduce anxiety, improve communication skills, help increase focus and bring to light how we all have the ability to make choices.  Participating in 8-12 sessions would have a profound effect on participants' personal growth and mental health.  Youth learn, develop and retain life skills to use in everyday life - for the rest of their life!


Connect to Your Power is designed for all youth and especially for those:

·      struggling to make positive choices

·      looking for connection

·      wanting to increase self-esteem

Creating Powerful Connections

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