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At Power Equine, one of our main goals is to work in partnership with local organizations throughout South West Saskatchewan!! Our experiential learning programs are designed to help your clients build critical life skills that will not only help them while they are on their journey with your organization but also in their everyday lives!

Our programs with the horses as the teachers are researched and PROVEN to help each participant on their own unique path of self-awareness, providing them with the skills and courage to move forward in their life. Power Equine offers a safe and non-judgemental environment for empowering change and learning to take place.


Our weekly objective-based programs (no riding involved), are designed to complement the programs and services you are currently providing for your clients to help them transform and grow even more!  


Equine Assisted Learning works because the horses are the teachers!

During the summer of 2022 Power Equine formed partnerships with 2 amazing local organizations! 

SaskAbilities - SouthWest Branch in Swift Current was able to provide group sessions for 3 different groups throughout the year. Each group of  4  came out for a total of 6 sessions!  Participants left each session feeling like they had developed new skills to help them move forward in their lives that is best for them!  

The Meadows - Swift Current was able to bring out 6 Senior Residents for 6 sessions!! These sessions proved to be powerful way for these residents to reconnect with horses and experience the joy of that renewed connection!  These sessions were not only beneficial for the participants but also for the employees and family members that were able to attend. 

Everyone loved reminiscing about the old days!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with these amazing organizations and sharing all the benefits that come from spending time with horses!

If you are interested in booking sessions for your organization - contact us!!

Your clients will thank you!!

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