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Take The Lead

4 - 12 Sessions or Day Camps

Individual Sessions or Groups of 2-6

Ages: 10-13

Take the Lead program is designed to help participants understand the importance of strong leadership. When they partner with the horse they learn that the #1 thing that the horse needs to feel is - SAFE!! As herd animals, horses intuitively seek strong and clear leadership in order to feel safe.  Once participants are taught the basics of safely handling the horses from the ground they learn how to be the leader the horse seeks.  In turn participants are able to increase self awareness and confidence once they experience being the leader of the horse. Youth learn that leadership does not necessarily mean being the leader of a sports team or the CEO of a large company but a leader in their own life.


Participating in 4 -12 sessions would have a profound effect on participants personal growth and mental health.  Youth learn, develop and retain life skills to use in every day life for the rest of their life!

Take the Lead is designed for all youth and especially those who are looking to:

·      find their ‘inner leader’

·      build self confidence

·      develop leadership skills

·      build relationships

Building Leadership Skills

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Please input your details as the guardian as well as your child's details below.
Details for the "Take The Lead Day Camp" are as follows:

DATE: March 25th, 2023

TIME: 10am - 3pm 

AGE: 10-13
COST: $125/Person

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